Public Domain Movie Of The Week: The Last Man On Earth

So, this week’s movie is The Last Man on Earth. Vincent Price stars as the last normal man on Earth- everyone else has been infected by a disease which turned them into vampires. It’s the first adaptation of Richard Matheson’s novel “I am Legend,” later adapted as The Omega Man with Charlton Heston and the first movie in Will Smith’s I am Legend franchise. Of the three, The Last Man on Earth is the most faithful to the novel, probably because it was originally written by Matheson, but rewrites left the final product different enough for the author to use an alias for his screenwriting credit. It also had the lowest production values, but Price’s performance keeps the bad sets and weak filmmaking from becoming too much of a distraction.

You can download a higher resolution version at the Internet Archive.

2 comments to Public Domain Movie Of The Week: The Last Man On Earth

  • Rik

    VP's version also has the ironic twist ending missing from the other hero-oriented versions. Chuck is good and the WS version had an "empty city" to reckon with (unfortunately inhabited by monsters that looked straight out of a video game), but Vincent Price is the real deal, as always.

    • All three had good performances by the leads, but I think VP got the better script. For as prolific and consistently good an actor he was, VP is really underappreciated. Thanks for the comment!

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