To Be Successful, Don’t Shoot For The Stars

So, has an interesting article about the earning power of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Forbes came up with a little formula to compare the amount an actor is payed versus the approximate net revenue of the movie, and these are some of the lowest producing stars. It’s not an exacting formula, but it gives a different take on star power.

Tom Cruise says the joke is on you, Hollywood

Tom Cruise says the joke is on you, Hollywood

For the actresses, I thought it odd to see Jennifer Garner and Cate Blanchett on the list, simply because I didn’t realize they were getting paid enough that it would be a significant chunk of the budget. Blanchett made enough on The Missing that the movie lost $2.94 for every dollar she made. But let’s not lay the blame on her, no one really helped that movie.

Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey- most people probably would say these guys are golden, but Forbes says they’re two of the weakest earners in Hollywood. Could it have to do with each putting up a recent clunker (Lions for Lambs, The Number 23)? Probably, but it could also have something to do with exorbitant salaries. Cruise made almost $200 million between War of the Worlds and Mission: Impossible III. Sure, part of that is for also serving as a producer, but still, that’s like 20% of the combined gross going to one guy. And for Carrey, I think it shows that most people are only interested in seeing him act like a goofball.

Although the outcome doesn’t really mean much, it’s kind of a unique index to see the difference between a studio’s perception of worth versus that of the audience.

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