The Hughes Brothers Go To Washington

So, it’s been seven years now since either Allen or Albert Hughes directed a feature film. They were last seen directing From Hell, featuring two of the worst English accents this decade, gratingly delivered by Johnny Depp and Heather Graham. The British actors in the movie weren’t as bad- go figure. But the movie had at least one redeeming quality. It made very effective use of subtle sound effects to seem a lot more violent and disturbing than it really was. It’s also the first time I remember hearing the term “graphic novel” in movie advertising. That aside, Menace II Society and Dead Presidents are the movies of theirs that anyone should be watching. Those movies made the Brothers important.

It’s been over a year now since they announced they were getting back into the game, getting nabbed for The Book of Eli. Finally, Variety is reporting that Denzel Washington has signed on to star in the post-apocalyptic drama. It’s pretty exciting news that the movie is getting closer to a reality since neither Allen or Albert has done much since producing and directing a couple episodes of the American version of the TV show Touching Evil, which was unceremoniously booted by the USA Network after one season.

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