Steve Rogers Movie In The Works?

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So, the Will Smith news keeps rolling in. MTV is reporting that actor Derek Luke got a little loosed lipped in an interview about Miracle at St. Anna and mentioned he heard Will Smith was offered the lead in a new Captain America movie. Captain America is Steve Rogers’ extremely patriotic alter ego.

Of course it’s a baseless rumor at this point, unless you consider Derek Luke a primary source with access to casting info. If true, it’s another interesting project for Smith. He’s already had success in a superhero movie (Hancock), and Captain America would seem like a pretty safe bet for audiences seeing as how he stands for everything that makes America great. But like Marshall says in the article, it would seem a Hancock sequel is inevitable and it’s unlikely Smith would be cast in another superhero franchise. Plus, given the fact that he seems to take such care in choosing his roles, I doubt Will Smith would want to risk boring his audience by turning out a bunch of similar movies.

UPDATE: Ain’t It Cool News has some contacts at Marvel that are saying this isn’t true and that Derek Luke misremembered what he overheard. Ol’ Harry was as curiously upbeat about the debunking as he was downbeat about the rumor, giving no real reason as to why.

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