Mickey Rourke, The Comeback Kid

So, the awards for this year’s Venice International Film Festival have been announced, and the Golden Lion for best film went to Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler. Mickey Rourke stars as an aging wrestler forced to retire due to a heart attack. He tries to carve out a normal life for himself, but the call of the ring may be too much to resist. It’s quite an achievement for Rourke, reclaiming his status as critically lauded actor after more than a decade of odd decisions. He is the personification of the phrase ‘long, strange trip.’ Highlights include:

It’s pretty incredible how he has brought his acting career full circle. After becoming critically and financially successful, he tossed his acting career aside to become an over-the-hill boxer. He returned to acting with no fanfare and rebuilt his career from the ground up.

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