I Will Be Legend

So, everybody loves a winner. Especially movie studios when that winner pulls in almost $600 million. In hopes of making another winner, Warner Brothers gave a green light to an I Am Legend prequel. The plan is for the story to cover the final days as the virus cleans out New York.

I can’t really think of a movie based on the flashbacks of another movie. We got glimpses of the lead up to the final days in I Am Legend to fill in the back-story, and I assume that will be the basis for the prequel, if they want some continuity, that is. If Will Smith was to be the lead, a sequel was kind of out of the question since he blew himself up at the end of the theatrical version. The alternate ending available on the DVD left the possibility of a sequel open, but it wasn’t really the official version. A prequel is the only way to tap into the Will Smith cash cow.

My real question is what can they do to make it compelling to watch? We know the basic facts around what led to the events in I Am Legend, so now do we just get to see them in a fully realized version? They’ll probably just flesh out what we already know, adding details and redshirts, but any tension will be fairly hollow since we already saw where the story ended up.

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