Germany Hearts Canada

So, sometimes love blooms in the most unlikely places. It looks like Germany is crushing on Canada, or at least the members of Filmfest Hamburg on Canadian filmmaking. Last year the reinvigorated Canadian David Cronenberg won the festival’s Douglas Sirk Award for his “outstanding achievements around film culture and film industry,” namely a long string of critically successful, thought-provoking movies, most recently A History of Violence and Eastern Promises. Now this year it looks like the award goes to fellow Canadian Atom Egoyan, who also happens to have a long string of critically successful, thought-provoking movies.

Egoyan is responsible for one of the most beautifully made films in recent years, The Sweet Hereafter- a story of a small town trying to find itself after most of the children are killed in a school bus accident. The movie is crafted so exquisitely that it feels like you should be watching it in a museum, among displays of classical art. It’s so well respected that you’ll have trouble finding a negative review. The movie is based on the Russell Banks novel, which is based on actual tragic events in Texas.

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