From Fresh Prince To Fresh Pharaoh

Granite sphinx of Taharqo, 25th Dynasty from a...Image via Wikipedia

So, Will Smith is looking to find a new title that befits his current Hollywood status. No longer the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he’ll now be a Pharaoh. Smith has been developing a project titled The Last Pharaoh, where he will play Egyptian pharaoh Taharqa, who had to defend the country from an Assyrian invasion. Braveheart writer Randall Wallace has been hired to write.

Will Smith has made a nice little career for himself, going from a gangly, goofy rapper to perhaps the most bankable movie star ever. His rise seems very methodical, having his own TV show, doing a couple serious movies (Where the Day Takes You, Six Degrees of Separation), sliding into big budget action movies (Bad Boys, Independence Day), carrying a critically acclaimed movie (Ali), and now basically making whatever he wants and drawing in hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s hard to even say he’s made a misstep.

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