Beverly Hills Ninja 2: The Confabulation

So, where do people come up with this stuff? Are there really that many people out there clamoring for a sequel to Beverly Hills Ninja? Somebody must be, because it’s happening. I was totally shocked by this because the only reason to see Beverly Hills Ninja was if you enjoyed seeing Chris Farley falling down and breaking things. Since he has passed on, what’s the point? Even Farley hated the movie.

Chris Farley in the original Beverly Hills Ninja

Chris Farley in the original Beverly Hills Ninja

Just looking at the cast (David Hasselhoff, Lucas Grabeel, Lin Chiling), their target audience is either that deranged part of society that thinks it’s hip to idolize the kitschy Hasselhoff or the High School Musical crowd. And the plot- “an orphaned boy who wants to be a ninja but becomes involved in a crime in Hollywood while looking for his real parents”- just sounds like generic 13-year old escapist fare. Why drag Beverly Hills Ninja’s name (not that it’s much of a name) through the mud for this? If this didn’t come from a reputable source, I’d have a hard time believing it. Do I really have to start referring to the original Beverly Hills Ninja?

And this movie will go down in history as the first mainstream Hollywood movie to film in South Korea. Talk about a dubious honor. What does South Korea have to do with ninjas, anyway?

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