A New Hat For Bruce Willis

So, Bruce Willis will finally be making his way behind the camera for Three Stories About Joan. A little blurb in the Shreveport Times spilled the beans, also stating the movie will star Willis, Owen Wilson and Kieran Culkin. The only real info on the movie was at the Film Catalogue, where they had a great synopsis:

At age seventeen, JOAN loses her virginity.

At age 21, she loses her virtue.

At age 25, she loses her vices.

Or did she lose nothing …. but her mind?

THREE STORIES ABOUT JOAN interweaves the three phases of a young womans struggle to retain her faith in a love borne out of need, destroyed by a madness, and restored by a ghost.

Bruce Willis character is the center of Joans life. He is egocentric, paranoid, tender, and brutal and madly in love with the Joan he wants her to be.

He is also her father.

THREE STORIES ABOUT JOAN is a tautly structured fable that weaves in the surreal with the real, the supernatural with the unnatural, and the triumph of young love in all its exhaltation, and its desperation.

And it is brilliant in its deception, as nothing ever is what it appears to be.

An unstable father in love with his possibly crazy daughter and everything is made better by a ghost. Boy, it’s confusing without more details, but it sounds ambitious for a first movie and not exactly mainstream, kind of like Charles Laughton and The Night of the Hunter. My favorite line is “the supernatural with the unnatural.”

If this is really as odd as it sounds, it makes me love Bruce Willis all the more. Sure he’s made some self-indulgent movies and let fame get to his head, but he also doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. He carried the Sixth Sense and was the only principal actor to not get nominated for an Academy Award. He followed that up with a better performance in Unbreakable. No recognition for Twelve Monkeys. I think people forget how good he was in Die Hard- he was an normal, vulnerable guy fighting his own fears as well as terrorist thieves, not the killing machine of the sequels.

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  • There’s a curious thing about actors turned directors: and this is that, in the vast majority of cases, these actors are also the stars, or have a sizeable role in the films they direct. One would say that they become directors because they want to break free from other people’s directions?

    Interestingly, Charles Laughton, an actor often accused of being flamboyant, a scene stealer, etc… remained behind the camera in his only film behind the camera.

  • Furious

    Yeah, I think most of the time the desire to direct comes from an actor thinking they don’t need someone else telling them what to do. You’d think it would generally lead to the camera fawning all over them, but Laurence Olivier directed himself in Hamlet and gave one of the greatest performances ever. You never know how it’ll turn out.

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