Stop This Crazy World, I Want To Get Off

So, here we are, in the golden age of remakes, and things just keep getting more obfuscated. First we had remakes. If you want to see The Fog, you have to figure out whether you want the original 1980 version or the 2005 remake. That’s bad enough, but now we’ve got the insanity of remakes of sequels and sequels to remakes. You can watch 2004′s Dawn of the Dead, which is a remake of 1978′s Dawn of the Dead, which was a (quasi) sequel to 1968′s Night of the Living Dead, not 1990′s Night of the Living Dead. Let’s say you’re a fan of regular old not-undead mutated cannibals. You could watch The Hills Have Eyes, either the 1977 or 2006 version, followed by The Hills Have Eyes Part II (sequel to the 1977 original) or The Hills Have Eyes II (sequel to the 2006 remake), neither of which are related. I use horror movies as an example because they’ve really been getting the shaft with the remakes.

All this is a lead up to some sad news. If reports at Arrow in the Head are right, there will be a sequel to the regrettable remake of Halloween, not a remake of the sequel to the original. I guess we should take it with a grain of salt, seeing as Bob Weinstein claimed we wouldn’t be seeing any more Halloween movies, but a sequel just feels like par for the course. Although the remake seemed to pull a profit, most critics felt it wasn’t worth your time to see it. And I personally despise the remake, even though I’ve never seen it, which is kind of unusual for me- I’ll usually watch a movie I know I’ll hate, just to give it a fair shake. But, if it does eventually see the light of day, I don’t think I’ll be seeing this sequel either.

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