5 Actresses I Hate And The Petty Reasons Why

So, I already told you about the actors I hate, but I hate these actresses just as much. Watching them on the screen, they make me so nauseated, it’s all I can do to keep from puking.

I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but Penelope Cruz freaks me out a little. I know it sounds stupid and infantile and mean, it’s just that her face is too small for her head.

For some reason I find her tiny face so disturbing that I can hardly bring myself to watch a movie if I know she’s in it. In fact, for as many movies as she’s been in, I’ve only seen Blow, Vanilla Sky, and All the Pretty Horses. Pretty scant seeing as she’s been in more than 40 movies. I can’t even direct any criticism toward her acting ability since I can’t concentrate on what she’s doing while her little face is anywhere in sight.

Nancy Travis made her movie debut in 3 Men and a Baby. She played the mother of the baby, the overriding presence in the movie. We’re always asking ourselves, “What kind of woman is it that could get these three studs into such a predicament?” She finally shows up and gets out acted by everyone, even Steve Guttenberg. But her meek acting, that’s not even the worst part. The thing I hate about her is the gigantic hairdos she always used to sport. She had this hulking pile of permed mess on her head. She’s changed it in recent years, but I still get uneasy when she pops on the screen.

If you thought Nancy Travis struggled keeping up with her costars, you’ve probably never seen Lorraine Bracco try to act. When she’s talking, it sounds like she’s always about to start whining about something. And when she yells? I don’t know how she can yell so much and never sound like there’s any emotion behind it. Whether it’s being miscast in Goodfellas, annoying all the jungle animals in Medicine Man, or sitting in a chair on the Sopranos, she’s always the weakest link.

I know she’s a very accomplished actress, but I’ve never gotten Diane Keaton. It seems anymore like she’s always trying to play a hip, slightly goofy 20-year old. Ever since Baby Boom, there’s only been a handful of movies where she hasn’t played that character. I didn’t see any of her earlier movies until after that, so the initial impression has stuck with me. It’s like she’s always supposed to be endearing and you’re supposed to laugh. How many trailers have you seen where she raises her eyebrows, widens her eyes, and barks out a laugh? Too many for me.

And now to Helen Hunt. I’ve never seen someone who I’ve been more sure will start crying at any moment. Her delivery is so whiny and her eyebrows set just so, I mean, look at the picture to the left. She’s smiling, but you can just imagine those tears rolling down her cheeks. It’s probably why everyone loved her in As Good as It Gets- you felt bad because it looked like she was going to cry whenever Jack Nicholson talked to her. I just can’t take her seriously when she’s perpetually crying.

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  • hehe, I can see what you mean about cruz, and with the others — i really don’t like Diane Keaton either. Don’t know enough info about the other people though…


  • Furious

    I’m glad you feel that way too. I was expecting pretty much everyone to disagree with everything I wrote. When I looked for the pictures, almost all the websites I checked out were gushing about how great and sexy they are.

  • I agree completely with 1 & 5. I don’t have a strong enough opinion about 2 or 4. As for 3, I thought she was absolutely perfect for Goodfellas, but completely wrong for absolutely everything else.

  • Furious

    Glad I got a little more agreement. Nice site you’ve got. I’ve always thought it would be cool to just be out walking around New York and see movies being made. Thanks for stopping by.

  • hey furious you should do a 5 animated characters I hate and the reasons why. That would be interesting.

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  • Furious

    That’s not a bad idea. There’s certainly enough of them that get under my skin. Thanks.

  • haha…Helen Hunt not only cries incessantly, her voice is mannish. Perhaps the most irritating part about her is that she might as well be Jodie Foster, and vice versa. Someone else I would have added is Laura Linney, she’s constantly freaking out.

  • Furious

    Yeah, Laura Linney does freak out a little too much. I never thought about Hunt and Foster being that similar, but they kind of are. Although, I think Foster could manage to act her way out of a paper bag. Hunt would have to soak it with her tears and fall through.

  • LC

    Don’t be diss’n on Diane now! She’s excentrically awesome!

  • Furious

    Thanks for the comment, LC. She really appeals to most people and the critics adore her, but I just find her gratingly obnoxious. But I wrote a post praising Dolph Lundgren, so what do I know.


    Cybill Shepherd must have a place on your list.Her expressionless face gives no hint at the emotion she is suppose to portray,her words are spoken like she is reading them for the first time through lips that seem afraid to move.

    • That's a good call, Liz. I didn't really think of her since she's a fairly unremarkable actress, but she could certainly be on the list. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • I’m not going to re-explain my argument besucae I don’t want to start another flame war, but I did address all of those concerns several times.Secondly, I refuse to acknowledge this change of post as my fault. James has gotten way more flack from way more fans about way stupider issues than race and has not changed a damn thing. So if James wanted to change something, it’s besucae he wanted to change something, not besucae he thought some loser on the Internet was calling him a racist. And if I am the reason this got changed, well I really have to ask: Why the hell does my opinion matter so much to James?

  • Miri

    Again-my reason for disliking the above actresses is because people THINK they are good looking. Of the ones you mentioned-I believe that all of them have a “type of role” they play. Which is not indicative of massive talent.

  • Diane Keaton ALWAYS screams/yells throughout her movies….very annoying. Another one who is in a lot of movies especially lately is Kristen Stewart….VERY POOR ACTRESS, and she is always licking her lips. UGH!

  • Katty

    I HATE Diane Keaton so deeply. Her teeth her laugh her face. She’s always screaming in every movie she’s in. I just can’t stand her.

  • Sandra

    So many annoying top billing actresses… Julia Roberts and her obnoxious laugh and fake fall downs, Sandra Bullock likes to fake fall, too, and her plastic face, ugh, And Sarah Jessica Parker… I can’t watch her movies because while she’s acting like “aren’t I the cutest thing ever?” all I notice are her gargantuan man hands.

  • bonbon

    I landed here when I typed “I hate diane keaton”. Glad to know Im not the only one to dislike her. Its probably unfair to her as she may be a good woman in private and definitely is an accomplished actress. But yeah she nauseates me, because of the reasons you wrote as well as for her nostrils.
    I was going to watch Annie Hall when I saw who the main character was and that put me off from watching that classic.

  • retrozombie

    I don’t like to use the word hate often as it’s a strong word,but,for Diane Keaton I make an exception,I hate that she tries to desperatly palm off slapstick idiocy as acting,
    how has she slipped through the net!? Certainly NOT talent,beauty,wise!? My 6 year old has more wit.
    I feel absolutely sick watching her mongish behaviour portraying the needed bloated boring geggy sixty year old every time she needs to bump her bank balance any more – what a joke!

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  • Ronaldo

    Omg this page is awesome.I agree with everyone.Diane Keaton is so smug I can’t stand it.I mean she is a very unattractive woman.How the heck does she keep getting into these movies??It must be her friends movies she lands by default.I was just watching 5 flights up and I was like I can’t look at her wrinkled face another minute.

  • Choc

    Thanks for this post.. even though I’m years late in finding it. Lorraine Bracco is terrible! I just decided to watch The Sopranos recently, and I can’t stand her. She is just bad at acting- the monotone voice, blank stares and lack of emotion. I mean, her character was raped and her cries were not believable. That’s a special kind of BAD! I knew I couldn’t be the only person who felt this way, so I Googled “Lorraine Bracco bad acting” and ended up here.

    Diane Keaton plays the same neurotic and annoying character over & over. I feel like she must actually be that way and/or she’s bad at acting.

    Helen Hunt always acts & looks joyless, even when she smiles. Watching her is depressing.

    I too find Penelope Cruz’a face freaky. It’s more like her face features are too small for her face, which is too small for her head.

    I’d like to add Kerry Washington to this list. Her terribly dramatic acting and hard, fast walking in Scandal is just annoying. The pitiful way she cries and how she breathes heavily whenever she has an emotional scene pisses me off. Also, her voice, her teeth and the way her mouth moves is distracting.

  • Choc

    Honorable mention: Juliette Lewis, Renee Zellweger, January Jones

  • linda

    I don’t like Diane Keaton either, I think for the same reason. Women who always play ditzy, flighty chicks get on my nerves. And she tries to hard to be hip and young, when she’s 70. She needs to get over herself.

  • vickie

    Oh my gosh! I didn’t think anyone else had those feelings about Penelope Cruz. I can’t stand to watch her in movies. I also agree about Lorraine Bracco and Helen Hunt. But my biggest dislike is Cybill Shepherd, I was watching her in “Cybill” the other day and was wondering how in the world she got her own tv show. She cannot act. If it weren’t for Christine Baranski, Alan Rosenberg and Alicia Witt that show would have been canceled after the first episode.

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