5 Actors I Hate And The Stupid Reasons Why

So, sometimes I’m not always as rational as I seem. Sometimes I get furious for the stupidest reasons. Here are the stupid reasons I hate these guys:

Brad Pitt

I used to like Brad Pitt. I mean, how could you not after Se7en, Twelve Monkeys, and Fight Club? So I was really psyched when I heard he was teaming up with Darren Aronofsky for The Fountain. Then pictures of Pitt with his conquistador beard started emerging and I got REALLY psyched. So what happened? Jerk Brad Pitt has some issues with the script and pulls out just before production was scheduled to begin. The production was shelved and wouldn’t be resurrected for several years. When production finally began, Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett were long gone and the budget was slashed in half. I still enjoyed the movie once it eventually hit the screen, but I was looking forward to something different, and I wasn’t the only one. That’s why I hate Brad Pitt.

Justin Long

justin-longI never really had much of opinion of Justin Long. I guess he was kind of funny, in his own submissive, unassertive way. And then the smug little jerk started with the Mac vs PC ads. Those things annoy and disgust me more than those Taco Bell Cheesy Melt commercials. The combination of his smug little attitude and the condescending tone of the commercials is too much for me to handle. Not to mention the nearly slanderous lies he’s spewing. Now I just can’t find anything redeeming about this little twerp. I’ve gotten a headache just writing this.

Harrison Ford

harrison-fordI’ve always been kind of impartial toward Harrison Ford. He never left a big impression on me, but he was Han Solo and Indiana Jones, so it’s not like I could really dislike him. Then for whatever reason he decided to get an earring. It seemed like an old man trying to recapture his youthful cool, and one of the most off-putting things since Sean Connery starred as the dirty old man in Entrapment. Why couldn’t he just buy a sports car and chase 18-year old girls? Maybe he could have dyed his damn hair if he wanted to feel younger. It’s a stupid reason for hating the guy, but I mean, come on.

Al Pacino

frank-caliendo-al-pacinoLike Harrison Ford, I was pretty neutral about Al Pacino, but hey, he’s played some pretty iconic characters over the years. I wouldn’t watch a movie just because Pacino was in it, but he didn’t make me avoid anything either. That changed after Frank Caliendo joined MadTV. His impressions were all great, but his Pacino seemed to capture the essence so well that he’s all I can think about when I see Al Pacino. Most people get excited at the prospect of him and Robert DeNiro in the same movie, but all I see in my head is the two of them trying to order ice cream.

Tom Hanks

tom-hanks-bosom-buddiesI was always a little impressed with Tom Hanks. Not really in his acting ability, but in how he transitioned from a goofball comedian to one of the most respected dramatic actors in Hollywood. In 1993, he goes from Sleepless in Seattle to Philadelphia and stuns the socks off everyone. He follows that Best Actor win with another the next year for Forrest Gump and becomes a film legend. Then he gets nominated again for Saving Private Ryan, but this time he doesn’t win, losing to Roberto Benigni for Life is Beautiful. While Benigni was overreacting his way up to the stage, there was a cutaway to Hanks looking absolutely disgusted (I tried to find a picture or video of it, but couldn’t. He kind of looked like this). Now I just think of him as a conceited primadonna consumed by his own self adoration. Maybe that’s what it takes to be great at something, but I can’t dissociate that image from him. Tom Hanks, oh how I loathe thee.

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  • That made my day, everything here is true, I think you are a little harsh on H Ford, but besides that, it was a great post. :-) Tom Hanks was my favorite


  • Furious

    Thanks. I’m not sure I could’ve been much nicer to Ford after reading that he got his earring because of an “indulgent lunchtime” with Jimmy Buffet and Ed Bradley.

  • um…ok nevermind then. I hate him too now


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  • gag

    aw thanks now i hate him

  • blah

    moron. Who the fuck says earrings and other "cool" things belong only to the young?

  • harsh

    pretty harsh on brad pitt too. hes an actor that can get any work he wants because he is brilliant. if you want one of the best actors in the world to play a part, you should be able to modify the script in return. shitty reason to hate him anyway he is awesome

    • Well, I did preface these as being stupid reasons. He's a great actor, but that's no reason to let the inmates run the asylum. And dude did wait until after the movie was greenlit to drop out, almost a year-and-a-half after he signed on.

  • Sean

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ybgg4H4zTHo – Tom Hanks didn't look disgusted that Roberto Begnini won at all.. He actually looked simultaneously stoked & suprised. Where did you get that he looked disgusted out of that? lol

    • Okay, Sean, you're right, he was smiling and applauding at the announcement of the winner, pretty clear in that clip. But at some point during the broadcast, there was a cutaway to Hanks and he had a pretty petulant look on his face. Everyone in the room noticed it and it turned a couple of us off of Hanks, might have been an associative cut between him and Benigni. Or it could have been he had just been sitting in the same place for the whole 58 hours of the ceremony and was upset because his ass went numb or maybe he had gas and was trying to ease one out.

  • von

    Sometimes, you can’t expect a person to be consistent. There’s always a change, that’s the fact of life.

  • Miri

    I absolutely agree about Brad Pitt. I do not believe he is a particularly gifted actor and I DESPISE his girlie features playing tough guy. Especially in “Inglorious Bastards.” Great theme-baby doll lead. Harrison Ford shows some talent tho not tons. DeNiro and Pacino are into a world onto themselves-Love em or hate em-BUT-I do NOT believe you have to feel the same way for both. I do like DeNiro. Pacino might be gifted but I am always hearing a Cuban accent-whether or not he is attempting one. To close-the thing I dislike MOST about the guys you have mentioned is that people REALLY consider them attractive…feminine features, moles, larger than average noses and in the case of Ford-absolutely unremarkable. Now THAT might be the dumbest reason EVER to hate an actor.

  • LMAO! I don’t agree with the Tom Hanks take, but to each his own, eh? My favorite actor to hate? Tom Hanks. He sure is a pretty boy but he just plain can’t act.

  • Ok wait a second here wait a second- hating Harrison ford is ILLEGAL in some states. Like you said, he was Han Solo AND Indiana Jones. Basically two of the greatest movie heroes of all time.

    I do want to thank you though. You actually used the word “Twerp” which I haven’t heard in years. I forgot what a great word TWERP is hahah! I’m going to make sure to use it non-stop the rest of this week :)


  • LOL! As long as you can take a joke.

    I’d really like to see your views on the ‘bad’ actors as well…

  • I respect your honest opinions about the actors. Actually, I have nothing against them, but after reading your blog, I realized that they are also like ordinary people who are imperfect and committed mistakes. So far, I like Tom Hanks the most because I found his acting skills really awesome.

  • I agree. Some of the best movies or soon will be are waiting in production. It sucks that actors pull out when they cant conclude how the movie will actually turn out…. It sucks…


  • I don’t care enough to hate an actor, but I was sure bummed when I watched the interviews and all that stuff on the 2nd CD of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and saw how old Redford and Katherine Ross looked, even back in 1994. Aren’t they too young to be that damn old?

  • Very funny. I agree with you on Harrison Ford. What’s with the earing? He is supposed to be a macho guy. How about a list on actresses?

  • Weiner

    I’m just angry that the hideous Justin Long is named along with this non-ignored by the “academy” bunch. He’s so irrelevant that he’s not worth mentioning.


    I hate Brad Pitt. He is way overrated and a pig in his personal life. I don’t find him attractive and never have. He has a cocky attitude and thinks he’s king of the world now because he’s got Hollywood’s biggest whore dangling on his arm. I am not part of the whole Team Aniston Team Whatever fad but after a recent intervie with him where he declared he was unhappy in his marriage and he was pretending that it was something that it was not…Really? Married for 4 years and suddenly you decide it wasn’t good enough? How conceited is this shlum? Highly disrespectful towards a person he has been disrespecting publicly for years now. Cork your hole and continue breeding little brats that will grow up to be just as shallow as you are. His acting is blase I don’t see what the big deal is. Why are people fascinated by this fake idiot?

  • Yikes Diana! Tell us how you rally feel lol. Looks like you have strong feeling about Brad Pitt….I don’t know I’ve always thought that as an actor he was pretty under-rated. He’s done a ton of quirky odd-ball characters that are really fun to watch (the cowboy in Thelma and Louise, the stoner in True Romance, his character on Oceans 11-13, his role in Inglorious Basterds, etc etc


  • wieda

    I agree with Brad Pitt but not the others….
    i quite love Justin Long, Harrison Ford, Al Pacino and Tom Hanks
    and of course I enjoy them in every movies they’re in….

  • I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hate Harrison Ford but the earing kind of takes something good away from Indianna Jones, someone should phone the 1940′s to tell Indy what Fords doing to his image! A good right hand between the eyes or a stern talking to (In Latin) might convince Ford to loose the earing.

  • truth seeker

    Maybe the hate comes from the fact that Harrison ford is a liberal douchebag, who slobbers all over stupid childish dali lama. Hanks is the same thing and so is pacino and pitt. They also think they are so enlightned more so than other people

  • Abbs

    FUCK Tom Hanks. I couldn’t give two shits about his “acting ability”. All I remember is that he was married with two small kids when he started fucking around on his wife with Rita fucking Wilson, also a married whore, and NO ONE EVER brings that fact up about him in anything ever written about him. I don’t know who the fuck he pays to make sure his shit never stinks in the press, but he’s got more money than God, so I guess he can afford to pay for really good bullshit where it comes to his P.R. I’m sick of hearing crap on people like Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt for allegedly screwing around while Pitt was married, but yet Tom Hanks NEVER has his fucking past brought up. If he steals the Oscar this year for yet ANOTHER shitty role from someone who actually DESERVES it, I’m boycotting the Oscars after this. There are MUCH better roles this year than Captain Fucking Phillips.

  • AndrĂ©

    Tom’s reaction does not seem to bad on this cut

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