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[imdb The Dark Knight]So, it looks like everyone else has written something about The Dark Knight. According to most, it will be the greatest movie ever, with the greatest performance (Heath Ledger) and direction (Christopher Nolan) ever witnessed. While those sentiments may be proven true enough, this thing’s been hyped so much for so long that I don’t have much interest in it.

By all accounts, Ledger’s performance is one of the best of his career. It makes be feel a little better when an artist can complete a career-defining work prior to their death, like Stanley Kubrick with Eyes Wide Shut or Warren Zevon and The Wind. I’m hoping it becomes the defining epitaph we all hope it to be.

[imdb Memento]The thing that would get me jazzed about The Dark Knight, if I could get jazzed about it, is Christopher Nolan.  This guy has yet to falter. His style is sure and sophisticated. It’s cinematic without being overly flashy. He won’t manipulate my heartstrings or insert some slapstick to make me laugh. I want to see his movies because I know the story comes first- they aren’t made to show off new cgi effects or fawn over it’s stars. We need more people like him.

I thought Christian Bale was good in Batman Begins, but to me Batman will always be Michael Keaton. He had the aloofness of a millionaire playboy and steely-eyed glare of a crime fighting machine. And Batman was the real character, Bruce Wayne was the costume he put on to fit in with the rest of the world, which he never seemed comfortable doing. For me, few people can move so easily between quirky and stolid as Michael Keaton.

Come Friday, I’ll just be sitting here, waiting for the DVD release. Or if there’s too much pomp over that, maybe I’ll wait until it hits cable.

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  • Thats very true, I don’t think it will do very good, its way over hyped, and i will make a lot of money, but will it deserve it? Good points there. If you see it, why don’t you review it?


  • Furious

    I’m considering trying to catch a matinee this week. I’ll see if I can duck the hype long enough to feel better about it.

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