They Finally Get Something Right-ish

So, dovetailing nicely with my previous post, there’s news that a new [imdb RoboCop]RoboCop sequel is on the way, with the interesting twist that Darren Aronofsky is being tabbed to direct. I wouldn’t have thought Aronofsky would be high on the studio’s list of directors for what is obviously meant to be a movie with broad appeal. His movies are so intense that the premise alone can keep people away. But a good director directs to the material, and “good” would be the lightest amount of praise I could give to him, so color me interested.

Even though this is a resurrection of a dead and buried property, I’m altogether relived that this ain’t no remake. I’ve always thought RoboCop was a brilliant movie. The similar depiction of violence and greed at the highest and lowest levels of society. The privatization of government. The endurance of the human spirit, even when buried under metal and directives. Some of cinema’s baddest bad guys and bloodiest violence. The movie could be appreciated on myriad levels- mindless, bloody action to scathing social commentary. RoboCop transcended its boundaries as a science-fiction movie and became a one-of-a-kind commentary on life.

I’m not sure what Aronofsky would do with the movie, but I’m sure it would be much different than Paul Verhoeven’s violent, ironic take. But at least we won’t have to put up with yet ANOTHER remake. I’m going to mark this one on my 2010 calender. As soon as it’s printed.

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