Lost Genre: Non-Musical

So, one of the things that really gets under my skin is the misclassification of Non-Musicals. There is so much music in the movie that it confuses people. [...]

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Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn

So, every day I wake up, as you might guess, Furious and feeling furious. There are many reasons for that, but the smallest and most insignificant is that the hardest working man in show business doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. Obviously, I’m talking about Dolph Lundgren. [...]

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Lost Genre: Rescuing a Young Girl

So, I’ve decided add a feature column to the blog. Since we all like pigeonholing movies into neat little containers called genres, I thought I would highlight some of the under appreciated genres, the kind that don’t get their own section at the video store.

The first Lost Genre is Rescuing a Young Girl (RAYG). Films in the RAYG genre generally feature one or two men searching for a girl under 18 years old. Their not looking for her for a reward or glory, their doing it because they said they would, and because it’s really the right thing to do. RAYG movies could be shoehorned into many broader genres (drama, comedy, thriller, western), but they relate closer to each other than the broader [...]

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So, one of the websites I check out daily is The List Universe. It’s a site full of lists, usually pretty interesting. The other day they had a list of the greatest Italian directors, and Roberto Benigni was on the list at #10. I hadn’t seen any of his movies, but I thought his inclusion was a little dubious and based solely on the popularity of Life Is Beautiful. I mean he made the list and Dario Argento didn’t? (aside- My greatest memory about Life Is Beautiful was when Benigni won the Academy Award for Best Actor. There was a cutaway of Tom Hanks looking thoroughly disgusted that he didn’t win, which I relished because he was turning into a thespianiacal elitist.)

A couple [...]

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The Circle is Complete

I thought a movie about the porn industry starring Marky Mark would be pretty cheeky, so I was looking forward to it. Instead of laughing at a bunch of silliness, I was rapt. I was sitting there the whole time like Dirk Diggler in Rahad Jackson’s house- realization and understanding washing over me, only no one was throwing firecrackers around. [...]

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